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"Michael brings an array of talents and experiences to his service of the liturgical and pastoral life of the Church... Parishes, dioceses, publishers, and national organizations would be very well served by this gifted minister, editor and teacher."


     Paul Covino, MA, Associate Chaplain

     and Director of Liturgy, College of

     the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA   

"Michael is insightful and grounded in his vast knowledge and experience of Christian liturgy."

Dan Schutte, DMus, ThM, MDiv,

     Composer in Residence, University 

     of San Francisco

Anne McGuire is about to team up with Michael Prendergast and Sacred Liturgy Ministries.  Together, their offerings are meant to assist parishes, and indeed, anyone who seeks greater understanding of the riches and practice of the liturgy. Anne is an eloquent and zealous communicator, in both oral and written styles. Her expertise in liturgical studies and publishing, past and present, will appeal to any parish wishing to revitalize the assembly, and perhaps infuse new insights to clergy as well. I commend her commitment as a believer, her experience as a writer, and her expertise as a voice of authority.


Helen Rolfson, OSF, Professor Emerita of Theology, St Johns School of Theology and Seminary, Collegeville, MN.

"I’m delighted to offer a testimonial to Anne McGuire’s expertise as a pastoral minister of the highest caliber.  She has impeccable credentials as an academic liturgist, years of experience teaching at institutions of higher learning, and keen skills in working with worshiping communities at parish, religious community, and Newman Center levels.  I rejoice in the years we worked together when I got to know from personal experience how gifted she is in theological and liturgical knowledge; how talented she is in liturgical arts from music through visual art to creating prayerful environments; and how pastoral she is in working with a wide variety of spiritualities.  She has my deepest respect as a collaborator in the on-going liturgical renewal."   

            --Rev. Jan Michael Joncas Composer and retired artist in residence at the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN

"Michael is a person of integrity and charity.  His kind spirit is evident in the way he works with others.  This, combined with his vision of liturgy, makes him a leader and valuable contributor to the liturgical formation and  practice in the Church."

 Linda L. Gaupin, CDP, PhD,

     Diocesan Director of Religious

     Education, Diocese of Orlando, FL, 

"Michael Prendergast is a very talented, trustworthy and dedicated Catholic liturgist whom I am happy to recommend for service in the Church."

“Michael is not one to force his knowledge and expertise on one, but rather gently instructs and opens the way to new understandings about particular issues. Michael is trustworthy and professional in every way.”


Joanne Werner, Director of Music and

     Liturgy, St Michael Catholic Church,

     Bedford, TX. Immediate past-president of

     the Board of Directors of NPM.

Most Rev. Anthony  M. Milone,

     Bishop Emeritus of Great Falls-

     Billings, Montana

"Most of us consider ourselves fortunate when we encounter an individual who has the extraordinary ability that enables him to use both liturgical knowledge and mucial talent for the glory of God.  When such a person also has the exceptional pastoral sensitivity and truly loves the Church, we are torn between our desire to keep him as his own secret resource and our need to share him 'for the good of the Church'  Michael's greatest gift is his ability to be what he teaches."


     Mary Jo Tully, Chancellor,

     Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon

“Because of his academic degree in liturgy and his experience as Director of the Office of Worship and Christian Initiation in the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings, Michael gained a national reputation for taking the best information in liturgy and applying it to diverse pastoral situations. Michael is a pastoral musicians’ liturgical resource”.

Rev. Virgil C. Funk, 

     President emeritus,

     National Association of    

     Pastoral Musicians (NPM)

"Michael's competence in the area of liturgy and music is exceptional.  He has a broad knowledge in the area and carefully researches any project that he undertakes.  I have found him collaborative and knowledgeable, as well as a congenial team player at all times."

Jeremy Gallet, SP, PhD, Former  

    Director, Office of Worship,

    Archdiocese of Portland, OR     

“He poses a good theological/liturgical mind, with considerable historical and pastoral know-how, coupled with genuine competency with respect to musical and liturgical judgment. Hard working and reliable in every respect. Michael is a pleasure with whom to work. He will make a contribution to whatever enterprise can use his combination of skills and gifts.”


     Don E. Saliers, Wm. R Cannon

     Distinguished Professor of Theology 

     and Liturgy, Emory University,

     Atlanta, GA.

“Mr. Prendergast’s work as the editor of Today’s Liturgy, published by Oregon Catholic Press, was of the highest quality. I found him well-founded in liturgical scholarship and outstanding in pastoral sensitivity”


Columba Kelly, OSB, St. Meinrad

     Archabbey, St. Meinrad, IN.

"Michael's work ethic is highly admirable.  He is willing to put in whatever time it takes to get the desired outcome...During his time here, there was a dramatic increase in the quality level of products and services in his sphere of influence..."


   Eric Schumock

   Editorial Division Director,

   Oregon Catholic Press,

   Portland, OR

“During the two decades I have known Michael as a younger pastoral liturgist and now as a colleague I have followed his increasing contributions to the field of liturgical pastoral care. Michael is a firm, assertive voice, a welcome compliment to his otherwise mild manner. With Michael the person, the teacher, consultant and friend, ‘what you see is what you get,’…..that is refreshing. Those who engage him as a consultant or speaker will find few as committed to personal and professional integrity as Michael Prendergast or as loyal. He enjoys my utmost esteem.”


     H. Richard Rutherford, C.S.C.,

     Professor of Theology and Liturgy,

     University of Portland, OR

“Michael is highly intelligent and, at the same time, very pastoral.  I am always impressed with his broad knowledge of anyone and anything related to liturgy--sources, rituals, church documents and musical resources.  He is well-read and articulate, as well as an experienced and effective leader.  He is a gifted musician and cantor.  I have found Michael to be a person of integrity, deeply committed to Christ and his Church, to living the Gospel and sharing his many gifts for the building up of Christ's body...”


     Delores Dufner, O.S.B.

     St. Benedict's Monastery,

     St. Joseph, MN 

“Michael’s talent and knowledge of prayer, spirituality, ritual, Catholic theology, as well as his gift with music, are outstanding. He plans and produces excellent materials for workshops and conferences. He collaborates well with others. I recommend Michael as an outstanding presenter and musician.”


     Eileen Hurley, SCL, Past Director of

     the Office of Lay Ministry, Diocese of

     Great Falls-Billings, MT.

“I have known Michael his entire life…the fact that he has more than 30 years experience as a musician and liturgist at the parish, cathedral and diocesan levels, is but one indication of his deep sense of commitment to the field. In Michael you get the entire package of what it takes to be a successful liturgical consultant.”


     Rev. Michael S. Driscoll, STD, Ph.D.

     Associate Professor of Theology and

     Liturgy and Director of the Master of

     Sacred Music Program, University of

     Notre Dame, IN.

“I have found him to be a strong proponent of the best liturgical practices. Whenever he speaks or writes, he looks to the questions asked, considers the rites and teaching and traditions of the Roman Church and then proposes what he sees as best practices is a given situation. In short, Michael is a talented, creative expert in the field of liturgy.”


   Glenn CJ Byer, STL, Associate 

   Publisher, Novalis English Books,

   Resources and Periodicals, Toronto,


“I have always found Michael's experience, knowledge and insight both impressive and invaluable.  His ability to place sound theology at the service of pastoral practice is evident in his own writings..."


   Bob Hurd, Ph.D. 

   Adjunct Professor,    

   Graduate Pastoral Ministries Program, 

   Santa Clara (CA) University

“Michael is a consummate teacher, sharing information on the topic of the day and adept at sharing a foundational structure of Church teaching.  His presentation manner is straightforward and respectful...I believe Michael is a voice for the entire Church, a person who exemplifies the vocation of lay ecclesial minister...he is a tremendous resource for parish life..."


   Sharon Balcom

   Director of Music and Liturgy,

   Church of St. Paschal Baylon

   St. Paul, MN

“Michael Prendergast is a superb liturgist.  He combines a command of the liturgical documents of the Church, the music of worship and the history of liturgy with a highly developed pastoral sense for the actual celebration of the Liturgy. His liturgical expertise is grounded in his spirituality, his theological knowledge, his enjoyment of culture and above all his love and concern for people. Michael has a keen feeling for full and rich expression in the liturgy involving all the senses. His background in music and proclamation are evident in his understanding of how sound can move the hearts and minds of the assembly.  Michael is also a consummate teacher. He uses every opportunity to deepen the liturgical understanding of the members of the parish, especially the liturgy commission and the liturgical ministers. He has a gift for teaching both the theoretical and the practical. It is hard for me to imagine any group interested in or responsible for worship, who would not benefit from Michael's experience and knowledge of the liturgy of our Church."  


     Msgr. Charles Lienert

     Pastor Emeritus,

     St. Andrew Catholic Church

     Portland, OR

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